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ACF, NCF. WIth and without inorganic filler for TCE matching.

- Films  with non-conducting silica filler - for TCE matching
- Silica filler offers high reliability and very good RF performance

- ACF's for ultra fine pitch
- ACF's with different conductive filler materials and sizes
- NCF's with and without inorganic filler excellent for gold stud bumped devices
- Products for low temperature processing

- Products for very fast cure
- Excellent adhesion even on "difficult" surfaces

- Displays: LCD, PDP - COG, OLB, ILB, COF
- Flex-to-flex connections (e.g. mobile phones)
- Flex-to-PCB connections (e.g. mobile phones, camera modules)
- CSPs, Modules, Boards: FCOB

Other flip chip appliactions:
- Image sensors, camera modules
- IC Cards, Smart Cards
- ID Tags



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